Welcome to Sudeley Castle Lodge No. 8976, in the Province Of Gloucestershire, Of the United Grand Lodge of England

Worshipful Master W. Bro. Robert O'Donoghue

We originally met in Sudeley Castle in Winchcombe, but are now based at

The Masonic Hall, Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire GL54 1BB

Becoming A Mason

Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest and largest non-religious,non-political, fraternal and charitable organisations. It's members come from all walks of life and meet as equals whatever their race, religion or socio-economic position in society. Its values are based on integrity, honesty, friendship and charity.  You are welcome to browse all areas of our site.  If you would like any further information regarding Sudeley Castle Lodge, or Freemasonry in general, please use our Contact Form under Contact Us.  You can also download our Lodge Profile there.

Our Latest News

Family Day at Gloucester Cathedral 10th October 2021

Our Worshipful Master accompanying the Provincial Grand Master into the Cathedral. Our W.M., IPM, Wardens and Charity Steward at the event. [...]

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Worshipful Master, Wardens and Brethren at Prince of Wales Lodge No.951

The Worshipful Master, Wardens and brethren attended the Prince of Wales Lodge No.951 Installation on 8th October 2021 [...]

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Lodge Crested Polo shirts

Lodge members will shortly be seen wearing our new polo shirts sporting the Lodge Crest.   [...]

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HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh R.I.P.

The Worshipful Master and Brethren of Sudeley Castle Lodge No. 8976 extend their deepest condolences to Her Majesty The Queen and the Royal Family on their sad loss today. [...]

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Sudeley Castle Lodge

Sudeley Castle Lodge No 8976 was Consecrated at Tewkesbury on 14th March 1981 and held its first meeting at the Castle in Winchcombe on 13th April with a capacity attendance of 19 Officers, 13 Members and 23 Visitors. We now meet at The Masonic Hall, Church Street, Stow On The Wold, GL54 1BB  Read More...

Sudeley Castle Lodge is one of 81 Lodges in the Province Of Gloucestershire, and is part of The United Grand Lodge Of England.  There are 17 Masonic Centres in the Province of Gloucestershire with one or more Lodges meeting at each of them.  


Freemasonry is second only to the National Lottery in its charitable donations, being concerned with the care of children, the ill and the elderly, from its earliest days. Over 50% of the funds raised by Masons are given to non-Masonic national and local charities


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